1. Future-proof your career: Five key development trends you must master
2. Developer features in SAP HANA SPS11
3. Elastic scaling on SAP HANA Cloud Platform
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Future-proof your career: Five key development trends you must master

Future-proof your career: Five key development trends you must master

Watch this tech talk with former Code Project CXO, Jeff Hadfield, on the future of development and what skills software professionals should master as well as what technology trends to keep an eye on in the next 5 years. Jeff also provides actionable advise on what you need to do today to stay on top and to prepare for 2016 and beyond. Watch video.

Developer features in SAP HANA SPS11

Developer features in SAP HANA SPS11

SAP HANA SPS11 was released in early December and with it a new set of developer functionalities, tools and content were released. Among the new features are the new XS Advanced (XSA), the adoption of Node.js as the new JavaScript programming environment for XSA (click here for more info), development tools options on XSA, the new HANA Deployment Infrastructure (HDI), the new syntax and features for using Core Data Services at the database level, new features in SQLScript, and more. Read this blog by SAP HANA expert Thomas Jung for an overview of the new features as well as for links to source code for sample projects in Github and recommendations for adopting SAP HANA SPS11.

Elastic scaling on SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Elastic scaling on SAP HANA Cloud Platform

In this blog, developer Radu-Florian Atanasiu shares how to create an automatic app horizontal scaling system using APIs available via SAP HANA Cloud Platform. The blog includes step by step instructions on what to do on the front end and the back end including links to the code in Github and links to additional documentation.

SAPUI5 walkthrough blog series

SAPUI5 walkthrough blog series

In this SAPUI5 tutorial blog series by developer Ji Wu, you'll learn about bootstrap and how attachInit works, controls and how to create one, XML views and how to create them, controllers, how modules work, JSON model, translatable texts and how the i18n model works. For additional tutorials, check the SAPUI5 Developer Guide.

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